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Register 4500 Search Engines and Directories.

Register 4500 Search Engines with META Tags.

 What is search engine?

Search engines utilize indexing software agent called often robots or spiders. these agent  are programmed to constantly " crawl" the Web in search of updated pages. They will essentially go from URL to URL until they visited every Web site on Internet.

When visiting a Web site, an agent will record the full text of every page (home and sub-pages) whit in the site. It will then continue on to visit all external links. Following these external links is how search engines are able to find your site regardless of whether or not you register your URL with them. Submitting your URL, however, does speed up the process, It notifies an agent to visit and index your site instead of waiting for it to eventually locate you through one of your external links.

Robots will then revisit your site periodically to refresh the recorded information. The revisiting of links is the reason why some search engines don't require you to inform them of dead links. Eventually, their robot would try unsuccessfully to update the information on a dead link and realize it no longer exists.

Finally, an easy way to tell whether a Web index is search engine as opposed to another type of directory is by the information it requires when adding your URL. A true search engine will only need the Web address. The indexing agent care of the rest.

Why submit your site ?


Over 85% of Web visitors use search engines to find what they are looking for.
TBI can help you drive traffic to your site by quickly and easily submitting your URLs to the web's leading search engines and directories, which generate over 90% of the web's search traffic.

TBI will submit your site to 100's of the top search engines, including the following:

  • We have about 4500 directories and search engines and we're adding about five new ones every week.

  • New directories and search engines added within the past weeks are marked with the NEW! image.

  • We've grouped the directories and search engines into 16 different categories.

  • About 10 directories and search engines charge for listing.

  • Not all directories and search engines are relevant for all Web sites. For example, some are only for non-US Web sites.

  • Some directories and search engines periodically suspend submissions.




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